Michael Sibilia Photography
                                                       Mans Mark

We live in a country that exists because it was rich in natural resources. Discovered at a time in the world when these materials were most needed to fuel a growing civilization. Now the same resources that should be feeding us, seem to be strangling us. This paradox has been haunting my mind for quite some time. Why is what built us seemingly destroying us? Or is it?
The answer to any paradox I am told is what some monks call living in the moment, a paradox in itself. It is an apparently impossible state to achieve, as there is always the past or the future when comparing any event in the mind, but I am also told that finding such a place is nirvana.
Fortunately there is a tool to view this state, a state that cannot be seen but only felt. A feeling that causes a reaction in a finger, releasing the shutter.
 Creating my little pieces of nirvana at least gives me the chance to start to get Nature to put its cards on the table.